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Matt Araiza also kicks field goals for San Diego State It does a job. But it’s rarely important unless someone makes a mistake. There has never been a rockstar of the profession. Punting is punting, its own individual craft, left to the side, away from the real players. Pat McAfee has morphed into the sport’s most popular, mainstream entertainer post-career. Marquette King gave it a good go for a while with the Raiders, before his flamboyance saw him exiled from the starchy world of the professional game. Enter: Matt Araiza, the Elvis of punters, and college football’s most intriguing one-man show. Araiza is a punter by positional designation only – he also kicks field goals and takes San Diego State’s kickoffs. In reality, he is an offensive weapon, the kind that ra-ra football coaches have been waiting for their entire coaching lives.


According to sources at The Athletic Magazine, The New York Yankees are already speaking to the agents of both Correa and Seager. With this spiking the interest of Yankee fans, I decided to ask them who they wanted as the new Yankee Shortstop. I set up a poll on several Yankee fan groups on Facebook. Being these are the frontrunners, I only gave poll responders those options. I was quite surprised that the margin was so spread. Below are those shortstops and their approval rating by Yankee fans. Core y continue reading Seager seems to be the Yankee fan favorite, and by a vast majority. According to many fan comments, it’s not necessarily because he is the best shortstop; it’s more about he isn’t Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. New York Yankee fans have a very long memory and consider Correa’s possible involvement in the 2017 cheating season a factor. This is not to say that Seager is a great shortstop; he is. Last season although not hitting a ton of home runs(16), he is an excellent defender and is a great contact lefty hitter hitting .306 I have click to read to admit I chose Correra, mostly because I believe he is a more demanding player that puts it all out onto the field, much like Brett Gardner.